At Baum CPA, we specialize in ROBS arrangements for business or franchise needs, so we understand the opportunities and financial challenges that come with operating this type of business structure. From accounting, bookkeeping, advisory and tax compliance, to money-saving business strategies and exit planning, we’ll be in your corner every step of the way to control expenses and optimize profits.

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Brian Baum, CPA: How our Founder Came to Specialize in ROBS

Brian Baum CPABrian tells us in his own words:

I always had an eye and a yearning for entrepreneurship. As a kid in middle school, I earned extra pocket money by selling baseball cards to classmates. By the time I left the US Army I had acquired a lot of discipline and sense of duty, but somewhere within the entrepreneurial yen still smoldered. I planned to get a bachelor’s degree in something easy like basket weaving under the brand-new post-9/11 GI bill and return to the army as an officer. But after an unexpectedly stimulating immersion in Accounting 101 in college, my infatuation with balance sheets propelled me into a full-blown financial accounting lifestyle. So inspired, I earned an MBA and CPA in relatively rapid succession.

While working for traditional CPA firms, I became familiar with, and then saturated in ROBS arrangements. One day I was tasked with preparing these unusual C-Corp tax returns due in the middle of the year. Why were these taxpayers doing this to themselves? Accrual basis? Fiscal year? C-Corporations??? Oh my...

The discipline and duty of my professional accounting training merged and converged with my otherwise dormant entrepreneurial leanings, awakening a curiosity about business venture opportunity within the professional accounting world. I began to research and teach myself all the nuances of these ROBS arrangements. As I learned more about ROBS, I began to see the trends between successful ROBS businesses and failed arrangements. It started to come into focus that there was a specific formula for a successful ROBS arrangement. Such a formula was usually a capital intensive, multi-employee, retail/restaurant sized entity that would generate enough cashflow to justify the risk of putting one’s retirement funds on the line. Franchises, it would seem, fit this mold with added convenience.

After considerable further research and market analysis, I launched and successfully established my own CPA firm, Baum CPA, to help entrepreneurs use ROBS to purchase a franchise – or found their own venture – and make the most of out of their nest-egg.

A little more about me

I’m an entrepreneur, academic, father, and a military veteran. I believe there is no shortcut to success in life, no special way to stack the cards in your favor – just hard work and years of commitment to whatever you are passionate about – and I am certain that such an investment always pays the greatest dividends.

When I am asked why I became a CPA, I think I chose this career simply because it was difficult. Where many see adversity, I envision opportunity. When someone encourages business-as-usual, I ask how we can trailblaze new and unusual business. I thrive on the calculated reason of positive action – and I recruit and engage only partners and associates who demonstrate the same qualities.

I am, without a doubt, a complete change-champion – and such a mindset is more so needed than ever before in modern business. With technology rapidly advancing year over year, and the globalization of supply chains, businesses will only continue to face increased pressure to be innovative, progressive, creative, and forward-thinking if they wish to sustain as a going concern.

Wherever a taxpayer’s entrepreneurial vision takes them – I’m committed – and honored – to help them get there.

Danielle Dardi, CPA

Danielle Dardi

In my current position as Director of Operations Implementation at Baum CPA, I handle all things bookkeeping — plus many other duties. I originally wanted to become an accountant as a way to help others, and I still carry that motivation to my job every day. I can be relentless in my detail-oriented problem-solving and my quest to make business processes more efficient. These qualities push me to be driven when it comes to customer service and complete client satisfaction.

Preparing for my career, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Colorado Mountain College and went on to gain my CPA license in April of 2023.

The technology leadership at Baum CPA allows me to serve our nationwide customer base from where I live in the mountains of Colorado. The fresh and soaring surroundings stimulate my energy for full-time partnership in Baum CPA, all while continuing my professional studies and embarking on the path of new motherhood.