ROBS 401(k) business financing is a great way for entrepreneurs to make their dream of owning a business a reality. A ROBS plan allows you to access your retirement dollars tax-free and use it to purchase or start a business. The beauty of this transaction is that the funds quietly migrate from one tax-exempt environment to another, leaving no room for taxation and saving you a ton in interest on a small business loan. The only catch is that the accounting is tricky. ROBS arrangements are perfectly legal – but not familiar to ordinary accounting service firms. That’s where we come in.

At Baum CPA, our focus is accounting and tax solutions for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of a ROBS financing plan to purchase a franchise or start a business. As your CPA firm, we’ll continually advise you on how to comply with the unique tax rules and reporting regulations that come with ROBS arrangements.

Find out how you can start calling the shots with your retirement funds and invest in your own future. Contact our ROBS CPA firm now for a consultation or call us at 719-493-9499.

ROBS Arrangement Franchise Accounting

Franchise businesses financed with a ROBS 401(k) plan have special accounting and tax requirements. At Baum CPA, we understand the financial challenges and compliance issues that come with operating this type of business. We’ll help you navigate accounting and tax regulations to steer clear of obstacles and maximize profits.

We’re passionate about working with small business owners at every stage of development. From your venture’s conception – through profitability and growth – to planning an exit strategy – we’ll be with you at every step of the business lifecycle to offer sound financial advice.

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